In 2018 published a book:

“The Artistic Expressions of an Irish Digital Artist 1”.

This book is based on fourteen popular Digital Art pieces for an exhibition in Cork Airport, Ireland  July 2018. February 2019 brought this exhibition into:

Shannon Airport from mid-February to mid-May,

Shannon Airport Exhibition

Photography / Digital Art / Music

My artistic career, love of life and the arts started in secondary school with days spent drawing and sketching the very famous Irish landmarks: Lismore Castle, Blackrock Castle, Rock Of Cashel. I began playing music, songwriting, poetry, recording and always possessed a love of beautiful Ireland, artistry and forward-thinking, all these experiences are to be later expressed in my Digital Art Pieces, Photography and Music Recordings.

I got into photography and graphic design in a rather strange way. I owned a printing business and a weekly music magazine publication. On one issue of the magazine the photographer never turned up so I had to go out and buy a camera and start taking photos myself.

Family members and people working in the magazine were commenting on the great photos I was taking. But I had no confidence in my photography ability, I didn’t even have an idea how to set up the camera properly, it was just point and shoot. I realise now you could have the best tools in the world and be utterly useless at what you are trying to do.

I think photographers are born to be photographers they have something most people taking photos don’t have, they see things differently. It’s not just a photograph, it is a creation from nature. But cameras are everywhere now and everyone is photographer, or maybe not. When I started to take photographs regularly something amazing happened, I began to see the world around me, I had missed it for years. People often ask me, how does the interaction work between photography, graphic design and digital art, well this is how I would describe it.

Photography / Graphic Design / Digital Art

Photography, graphic design and digital art can be used to create stunning visuals that can be used to communicate a message, tell a story, or attract attention. Professional photographers use their skill and knowledge to take photographs that capture moments and emotions, while graphic designers use their knowledge of design and composition to create visually appealing images. Digital artists use their skill and expertise to create digital works of art that can be used for a variety of purposes. All three disciplines are invaluable to the creative industries and when used together, can produce stunning visuals.

“Take up photography and see the world around you”.

I had an instance in Gougane Barra one evening where I was taking some photographs. As I was standing taking a particular photograph, a student from a photography course who were also there that evening asked me; “Why are you taking that particular photograph”? I answered him by asking him this question, “Why are you not taking that photography”?

From that point on I got into photo editing and most particularly using Photoshop, years later following millions of hours at the computer, I am very proficient. I use several other photo editing programs as well. This was the catalyst for my digital art and my first exhibition in Cork Airport in 2018. Looking back on it now, I couldn’t have picked a better place to start, the staff and security people working in the airport and all the people who helped me host the exhibition, were just brilliant, a big shout out to all.

But life hasn’t always been easy and very fragmented at times trying to determine what path to take. This is portrayed very well in one digital art piece called:

“Musicians Fragmentation”


In this image I express my fragmented life at times drifting in and out of my artistic side away from what I always considered, ordinary work, which I reluctantly had to do, but was necessary at times to make a living.

“There is little point complaining about the competition, you just have to be stronger, different and better”.

But you can complain as well, it’s good to get it out.

John Christopher Treacy

I received this award for using Gaeilge on my Greeting Cards
Five years ago I designed my first Digital Art Piece and from that point on I have accumulated and designed a large collection of pieces for us to enjoy.

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